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Global Rights Volunteer Program seeks to promote volunteerism and to support sexual and gender based violence survivors across the country. Volunteer programs benefit the individual volunteer and society in general. Being a part of a volunteer program has the potential to deeply enrich the volunteer’s understanding of local and social realities while creating a channel of support to affected persons in communities thereby making the time spent as a Global Rights Sexual Violence Volunteer (SVV) more rewarding and productive.


Given the surge of sexual violence in Nigeria, Global Rights, under its Women’s Rights and Gender Equality program, recognizes the need for adequate volunteer response to sexual violence issues. Global Rights Nigeria is a non-profit organization focused on the ideals of a just society for all, built on the universal principles of Human Rights and guaranteed by access to justice and remedies. Global Rights is a capacity building and training organization, providing legal and policy reform advocacy. In the fight to eliminate Sexual violence and ensure that the rights to dignity and security of persons is enforced and respected by creating a safer community for all, the Global Rights SVV program was created.

Volunteers operate in the following intervention services:

Medical Advocacy: When someone is raped and chooses to go to the hospital, Global Rights volunteers can support the survivor/victim by staying with victims throughout a forensic medical examination; provide crises intervention and support to the victims, their parents and family. Global rights volunteers can also aid in providing information on area resources, offer follow-up support, explain medical and legal systems and ensure that they are as comfortable as possible throughout the process.

Judicial/Legal Advocacy: Global Rights volunteers can assist victims/survivors to file complaints with the police. The Global Rights volunteer will provide advocacy in advising survivors and their families about the judicial process and provide support while investigation continues. Volunteers will provide advocacy for victims/survivors reporting to law enforcement agencies. They will help victims file police reports, speak with the police officers at the gender desk and are expected to ensure that victims do not have to go through procedural systems alone.

Counsellors: Counselling is a very sensitive service and this service is open to men and women affected by sexual violence. If you are a qualified counselor or currently working in a counselling position, with an interest in supporting sexual violence survivors, you will do well as a Global Rights SVV and your expertise is most welcome.

Outreach: Global Rights Sexual Violence Volunteers will work in outreaches to teach rape prevention strategies. They will be expected to staff resource tables on campuses and outreach centres, provide information and education through workshops in learning institutions and foster collaborations with other organizations in the community. They shall also participate in awareness and sensitization campaigns about sexual violence.

Support Services: Global Rights volunteers will assist in providing support services by, entering data, taking calls on the emergency helpline, assisting in the distribution of IEC materials and other office support services as they arise.